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When writing an essay, a student has to keep in mind certain aspects of essay writing such as the need to write complete grammatically correct sentences which are coherent. The sentence structure is essential as accurate use brings about the appropriate message without having to use many words. Consequently, a good command of the English language is required as a way of contrasting the comprehensive sentences. For this scenario, the student who is writing an essay has to be conversant with the English language, as well as, different component s of gender which are used to develop concepts clearly.

Similarly, before writing an essay, the student has to develop a topic for the essay which will be used as a guide to collect sufficient information that is relevant to the essay. The topic used when writing an essay could be given by the instructor or the student can develop one on their own dependent on the role played by the writing an essay task. Topics for writing an essay are determined by various factors such as the level of academic learning or the subject for which the essay is being written. Thus the student has to be knowledgeable on the topic and subject before writing an essay as it will be easier to gather information.

After the topic for the essay is identified, as well as, its relevance to the essay, the student has to come up with a plan which will outline the basic procedures involved when writing an essay. The plan or outline for writing an essay is unique depending on various factors such as the writing style dictated by the instructor or the subject for which the writing of the essay is being conducted. Consequently, there is a a specific criterion or plan that is common when writing an essay such that the first section composed of  an introduction or abstract is carried out before commencing on writing an essay. The introduction is followed by a discussion or body of the text which contains all the main points which fulfill the role of writing an essay. From the outline the student writing an essay often illustrates the points which will be discussed in the essay in a systematic way. Therefore, the point with more explanation is given priority over the others which are written in a sequential manner.

When writing an essay, the paragraphs of the discussion section should portray some sort of linkage between preceding paragraphs such that a form of interconnection is obtained from one point to the other. This links are referred to as transitions and they play a crucial role in writing an essay as they bring about a certain flow of events which is chronological thus making the essay one long story.

The discussion is followed by a conclusion which summarizes all the points which were discussed when writing an essay. This summary is important as it provides the position of the student, as well as, their opinion regarding the topic which was analyzed in the essay. The conclusion is preceded by the reference page which consist details of sources of information which was used in writing an essay. This page is mandatory in academic writing as it provides insights of the nature of information used in writing an essay, as well as, their sources.

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