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A world literature essay could be based on various elements of the world such as cultural, physical and political, as well as, the literature part of the essay that entails a definitive explanation of the dimensions taken by literature. The world literature essay has to encompass the proper use of grammar in the essay as there are a variety of rules which apply to grammar and not to any other subject that is taught in school.  Similarly, there are certain rules in essay writing which have to be maintained in the course of writing the world literature essay thus ensuring that high quality essays are obtained.

World literature essays should be written according to a systematic manner in which various items concerning the world literature essay are laid out in a form of a plan. The plan contains details of the components of an essay namely, the title page, the introduction, the body of the world literature essay, the conclusion and lastly the works cited page. This sequence is laid out in details and the nature of content that will be included in each part is indicated long before the real writing of the world literature essay begins. In the title page of the world literature essay, the students personal identification details are included hence the instructor will be able to know who has presented which quality of essay.

The introduction part of the world literature essay contains the various definitions which may come in handy in the course of writing the essay, as well as, the thesis statement which is obtained from the topic or questions posed in the instructions. This section introduces the essay to the reader or instructor hence it is impartment to include all the details of the overview in the introduction. The last sentence of the introduction in the world literature essay links the essay to the body of the text where the first point or concept concerning world literature is discussed in length. The paragraphs in the discussion section are interrelated with each having a smooth transition to the next in a flowing manner such that the world literature essay can be regarded as a narrative due to the sequential organization of information.

When all the concepts of the world literature essay are discussed and laid out explicatively, the writer or student summarizes them in a conclusive manner in the conclusion.  This is made possible in the world literature essay as the writer will have obtained a clear picture of the story hence summing up to come up with a conclusion is no major fete.

The conclusion is followed by a works cited page also known as a reference page where various external sources of information which furnished the skeleton of the discussion area are listed. Certain criteria are used to develop a reference list depending on the specified writing style that was given initially. Consequently, the sources which are included in the reference page are those which are used in the body of the text hence only those quoted in the text are used to prepare the works cited page. Failure to include the sources is disastrous as a penalty for plagiarism is placed on the writer or student.

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