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Pay to Write Essay/Essay writing/Writing an essay

There are several writing sites online that one can pay to write essays. Students nowadays are assigned complicated essay writing tasks by their teachers and instructors and given a very short time period to complete these essay writing assignments. Many students find it difficult to complete their assignments due to allocation of a very limited time frame. Moreover, some of them have poor essay writing skills and hence fail to come up with satisfactory essay papers. This is why most students opt to look for writing companies where they can pay to write essay. It is however necessary for students to carry out a survey or research on the custom writing companies that they can pay to write essay.

The main reason is because nowadays so many companies have come up and all of them make endless promises of delivering high quality essays within the deadline given by clients. Moreover, there is no single company that can admit that it provides unoriginal essays. Therefore, research is essential since it enables clients to locate the right company where that can pay to write essay. The right company where one can pay to write essay should also be the best and hence provide the best-quality custom papers.

In order to pay to write essay, one has to make sure that a company has all the desirable qualities that enable it to write quality custom papers. These desirable qualities are common to all custom writing companies where clients can pay to write essays and be assured of getting complete satisfaction. The key quality that a client should consider when looking for a company where to pay to write essay is affordability. A company for one to pay to write essay should neither be too expensive nor too cheap but instead it should provide affordable custom papers. Originality is the other vital aspect to consider before one decides to pay to write essay at a given writing company. A company that is worth paying for an essay at should guarantee 100% original custom essays.

A company that has anti-plagiarism software is at a greater advantage since such a company is sure to provide 100% plagiarism free essays and hence suitable to pay to write essay. Clients are therefore advised to pay to write essay at a company that scans all customized essay papers and other custom papers through anti-plagiarism software. Hiring of experienced and expert writers is also essential if a company wishes to have a lot of clients to pay to write essay. The experienced writers are sure to deliver quality custom essay writing services and other kings of writing services. Our custom writing company has all the qualities that enable clients who pay to write essay to get superior-quality custom essays and other custom academic papers such as term papers and research papers.

We have experienced and skilled essay paper writers who have excellent essay writing skills. Clients should pay to write essay at our custom writing company and they are assured of complete satisfaction. Clients who pay to write essay at our custom writing company are also sure of excelling academically because our writers write according to their instructions. Clients can not only pay to write essay but they can also purchase different types of customized papers for instance customized research papers, custom term papers, dissertations and customized thesis papers.

Pay For an Essay Now/Pay for an Essay Now/Essay writing

Students often wonder where they can pay for an essay now and where they can get original custom essays at an affordable cost. This is due to the fact that there are so many writing sites and companies online that give students a chance to pay for an essay online. Most of these companies where students can pay for an essay now make empty promises and disappoint clients who rely on them. Majority of custom writing companies where clients can pay for an essay now provide unoriginal custom essays that are plagiarized and full of grammatical mistakes. Moreover, these companies only aim at making large amounts of profits and do not care about clients’ academic career. It is therefore advisable for students to be extra cautious and do an intensive research before deciding to pay for an essay now at a particular company. Research enables a student to choose the best company that he or she can pay for an essay now.

The best company where one can pay for an essay now is easily recognized since it has some desirable qualities and characteristics. These qualities enable such a company to provide reliable and high-quality custom papers for sale. The qualities are common for all custom writing companies where clients can confidently pay for an essay now. Before one decides to pay for an essay now, he or she should compare the prices of the writing company to the prices of other custom writing companies. Research has shown that reliable custom writing companies where one can pay for an essay now provide affordable writing services that are neither too expensive nor too cheap. Students are therefore advised to pay for an essay now at a company that provides affordable custom essays that are quality. Other than being affordable, these custom essays should be custom written and affordable so that they can guarantee clients better grades.

An example of a custom writing company where clients can comfortably pay for an essay now is our custom writing company. Clients who pay for an essay now at our custom writing company never regret because that is the best decision or step to take. Our company has all the desirable qualities that enable provision of custom papers such as custom research papers that are superior-quality. We enable clients to pay for an essay now at an affordable price. Compared to other custom writing companies, our company is the most affordable but provides the best quality custom academic and non-academic papers, our custom papers have guaranteed originality because our company possesses progressive anti-plagiarism software.

Clients of any given academic level and discipline of study can pay for an essay now at our custom writing company. This is because we have writers who are knowledgeable and can not only write quality essays in any given discipline but also essays on any given topic. These writers have a high qualification which is an asset to them since it enables them to write custom essays of any given academic level. For this reason, high-school, university and college students can pay for an essay now at our company and we will provide them custom essays meeting all their requirements. Clients who pay for an essay now at our custom writing company can also purchase other custom papers such as custom research papers and custom term papers. Before clients can pay for an essay now, they should ensure they give all instructions regarding their order essays.

Online Writing/Writing essay/Online writing service

Online writing has become a most common activity nowadays due to the increased use of the Internet.  Students, teachers and many other professionals make use of online writing which is essential in writing several types of papers. Online writing is important especially to students who have difficulties in writing their own academic papers. There is online writing for money and this type of online writing is provided by custom writing companies that provide writing services. Research is essential for students who need online writing services. The main reason is due to the fact that there are several unreliable companies known to provide unoriginal online writing services. These companies provide online writing services that are plagiarized and that can lead students into trouble with their instructors.

Online writing companies can provide several papers such as essays, research papers, dissertations and term papers online. Online writing that should be relied upon by students has to be affordable and cheap. Moreover, a company has to have anti-plagiarism software so that it can provide plagiarism free online writing. This means that all online writing papers have to be scanned through the software in order to assure clients of original papers. An example of custom writing company that provides online writing services is our custom writing company. We provide online writing services at a fee that is affordable so that we can save clients’ budget and money. The types of custom papers provided by our online writing company include custom essays, custom papers, custom dissertations among other custom academic and non-academic papers. Our key goal is to satisfy our clients and hence we ensure that our online writing services stand out of the rest and are 100% original.

Our company is genuine and we never lie to our esteemed customers because we regard them highly. We know of unreliable companies online and encourage students and clients to rely on our custom writing company. Is also important to note that our company hires highly efficient, and experienced writers. These writers are highly, trained, skilled and have many years experience in online writing so that they can write quality papers. We have an essay writing software that aids in writing essays online and other academic papers. Moreover, we also have plagiarism detection software that scans all online writing papers. This ensures that all our online writing services are 100% plagiarism free and original.

Online writing enables our custom writing company clients to buy several types of custom papers such as custom essays, custom research papers and custom term papers from our custom writing company. Our company is therefore the best venue for clients and students who need ant kind of academic writing help. Our online writing services have to satisfy customers and hence we provide free revision and editing whenever customers request.

Online writing should follow all the clients’ instructions for instance the appropriate writing style and number of pages. For this reason, it is advisable for online writing companies to provide writing services using a variety of writing styles for instance APA, Chicago, MLA and Harvard online writing services. Our online writing company has writers who have knowledge of the different writing and formatting styles and hence we provide essays, research papers and term papers written using any citation style requested by a client at any given time period.

Lab Report Writing/Buy Lab report writing/Lab report writing service

Lab report writing is an exercise that follows any experimental or practical work that is carried out in a laboratory. Lab report writing presents factual findings about experiments conducted in the laboratory as such it is a literary piece of work used to communicate experimental results obtained from a practical or experiment. Lab report writing is a basic requirement in any experimental work. Unrecorded experiments have no significance for any researcher or scientist because they provide no records for future reference. Lab report writing is also used as a tool of assessment in the evaluation of students’ ability do lab reporting on any experiment or practical conducted.

Lab report writing should be done in a specific format that is basic to all reporting of laboratory works. Lab report writing may be a little cumbersome to researchers who may not find enough time to dedicate to their experimentation as well as the actual lab report writing exercise. At times researchers and students may be not be well versed with the writing styles recommended for lab report writing. In such instances the procurement of online writing services in lab report writing becomes an essential element that can relieve the researchers and students from the exercise of lab report writing.

A lab report has the following main parts-the title page, introduction/purpose, materials, methods, data, results, discussion and analysis as well as the conclusion. In lab report writing the author of the report should include the following on the title page-the title of the experiment, the name of participants, the instructor and the date the experiment was performed as well as the submission date. The title on the title page should be brief, and it should describe the experiment performed as well as the aim or purpose of conducting the experiment.

In report writing, the introduction should explain the purpose and objectives of the experiments conducted. The hypothesis of the experiment should also be stated within the introduction part of the report during report writing. The introductory part may also contain a brief summary of how the experimental activity was carried out as well as the back ground information related to the experiment. The third section in lab report writing is the part that lists all the materials and tools used within the experiment. This section is followed by the methodology used in conducting the experiment. This section states the method used as well as the suitability of the method. The fifth part to be written in lab report writing is the data section this section lists all the numerical data obtained from the experimental procedure. This may be presented in various formats that may be recommended by the instructor for the sake of lab report writing. These are just facts observed and recorded without any analysis. The sixth section of lab report writing is the results section this section presents a theoretical explanation of the obtained data and it tells the meaning and significance of the data obtained.

At times this section is combined with the discussion or analysis section that contains in-depth analysis usually consisting of mathematical analysis and calculations that are used to determine the significance of the data obtained. This section of lab report writing proves or disapproves the hypothesis stated in the introductory section by use of the data obtained through analysis. The next section of lab report writing is the conclusion. This section of lab report writing concludes the whole experiment in a few sentences by explaining the significance of the results and why the results are as they were observed and analyzed. The lab report writing is concluded with figures and graphs as well as references that may have been used in lab report writing.

Freelance Writing/Freelance writing service/Custom writing essay

Freelancing is a common practice in the field of writing especially in journalism and academic writing where services such as freelance writing, editing, proofreading, copy editing, copy writing and indexing are offered. Freelancing involves self employment, and as such there is no commitment to any single employer. Freelance writing is the most popular freelanced services among all online freelanced services. The freelance writing industry involves a multitude of writers all over the world involved offering services in writing of academic literary work at a fee. These services are mainly offered online, by freelance writers that are affiliated to various online sites. These online sites have numerous freelance writers selected from writers that have been proved to have professional writing skills.

Freelance writing offers employment to writers whilst offering the students a means by which to reduce their workload so as to spare more time for other important activities such as studying and performing their research and practical exercises. Freelance writing services offer assistance in the writing of various academic literary pieces such as term papers, essays, research papers, book reviews, literature reviews and abstract-just to mention but a few.

Freelance writing has grown in popularity due to the increasingly busy and dynamic study environments that have developed within institutions of higher learning. A large number of students have no time to set a side for the writing of their academic works such as term papers and assessment essays. Others may also have no expertise in the writing of academic works, because they may not be well versed with the various academic writing styles used within academic circles. As a result, they opt to outsource freelance writing services. Companies and individuals offering freelance writing services take orders from such clients and write literary pieces based on the instruction offered to them by the clients. Freelance writing does not only involve writing, but it also entails conducting extensive researches on topics upon which the writing is to be based. Therefore, any company offering freelance writing should have writers with knowledge in various academic fields so as to be able to write work that is well researched.

Freelance writing for academic purposes should produce original work that is free from plagiarism. Inclusion of unoriginal text should be done in a systematic way according to the dictates of the writing style that is recommended for that particular piece of work. Any unoriginal work that is not referenced, paraphrased or put in quotation marks renders the work plagiarized. Plagiarism is an offense that is punishable in academic circles. Plagiarism may cause a student to get a low score and grade in evaluation. Therefore, freelance writing has to uphold the principle of maintaining originality. Freelance writing service providers also maintain high levels of confidentiality so as to prevent cases of plagiarism that may arise if someone else accesses a client’s work. Other people could easily use the client’s work as their own. The upholding of confidentiality in freelance writing also protects the integrity of the clients that place orders. Freelance writing services should also be timely.

Timeliness in freelance writing allows clients to get their work done in time so that they can review it before submission. Freelance writing should also be affordable and flexible depending on the amount of work handled-for example freelance writing services involving editing and proofreading activities should be charged at a different and lower rate than the actual writing services. Revisions of work not done to standard are also offered by all companies and individuals engaging in freelance writing.

Freelance Essay Writing/Writing an essay/Freelance essay writing service

Freelance essay writing has become common in many countries. This is because students are not able to write quality essays. Majority of the students have opted to seek help from companies that offer freelance essay writing services. There are man companies that offer freelance essay writing services. Only few companies offer quality freelance essay writing services. All the work in the companies’ offering freelance essay writing service is done online. Some companies  offering  freelance essay  writing  services  have  employed  freelance  writers  who  help  customers  in  writing  their  essays. Most  of the   companies  offering  freelance essay writing  services  do  not  have  qualified  freelance  writers. The writers are not capable of writing quality essays.

A company  offering  freelance essay  writing  services  should  have  various  writers  located  in  different  areas. The  company  offering  freelance essay writing  services  should  place  writers  in  different  centers  so  as  to enable  the  company  to  offer  efficient  freelance essay writing  services. The  freelance  writers  should  be able  to receive  order  requests  and  upload  the  completed  essays  on the  companies  site. The  freelance  writers  should  have a  wide  range  of skills  so  as  to  provide  quality  services. Further, the freelance writers should have university degrees in different fields. For  example,  the  freelance  writers  can  have business,  law  and  nursing  degrees. This helps the company provide good freelance essay writing services to students.

In addition,  the  company  providing  freelance essay writing  services  should  train  the  freelance  writers  how  to  write  essays. The freelance writers should be able to organize the content of the essays well. Also,  the  freelance  writers  should  ensure  the  essays do  not  have  grammatical  mistakes. The  company  offering  freelance essay writing  services  should  provide  the  freelance  writers  with the  right  software  to  check  grammatical  mistakes. This is to avoiding submitting essays that have grammatical mistakes. The freelance writers should proofread the essays before sending them to the clients.

Moreover, the  company  providing  freelance essay writing  services  should  be able  to offer  the  freelance  writers  a  flexible  schedule  to  write  their  essays. For  example, the  company  offering  freelance essay writing  should  allow  the  writers  to  take  orders  according  to  their  schedule. The  custom  writing  company  offering  freelance  essay writing  services  should  not  force  writers  to  take  orders according  to  its  schedule. This  will affect  the  freelance  writers  as they  will not  be able  to  deliver  the  best. Also, the  freelance  writers  will  not  be able  to meet  the  objectives  set. Some of the freelance writers might not meet the deadline. This in turn affects the company’s credibility and student’s performance.

A company offering freelance essay writing services should allow writers to choose their work. The  writers  can choose  the  orders  available  according  to  the  subjects  and  deadline. This ensures the freelance writers write quality essays. The  freelance  essay  writing  company  should  provide  a  variety  of  writing assignments  for the students  to choose. Thus, the  custom  writing  company  offering freelance essay writing  services  will be able to  motivate  the  freelance  writers  to  write quality work.

A company  that  provides  freelance essay writing  services  should  be able  to  provide  support  to all  customers. The  company  should  provide  support  to  clients  who  require  timely  delivery. The company offering freelance essay writing services should provide revision as requested by the client. Clients request for revision if the essays do not meet their needs. Freelance writers should follow the instructions given by the instructor when writing essays. This will help the company providing freelance essay writing services satisfy clients. Students should analyze the company providing freelance essay writing service well so as to ensure it has the qualities above. This will help students’ avoid custom writing companies that offer poor freelance essay writing services.

Writing an Essay/Academic writing/Writing an essay service

When writing an essay, a student has to keep in mind certain aspects of essay writing such as the need to write complete grammatically correct sentences which are coherent. The sentence structure is essential as accurate use brings about the appropriate message without having to use many words. Consequently, a good command of the English language is required as a way of contrasting the comprehensive sentences. For this scenario, the student who is writing an essay has to be conversant with the English language, as well as, different component s of gender which are used to develop concepts clearly.

Similarly, before writing an essay, the student has to develop a topic for the essay which will be used as a guide to collect sufficient information that is relevant to the essay. The topic used when writing an essay could be given by the instructor or the student can develop one on their own dependent on the role played by the writing an essay task. Topics for writing an essay are determined by various factors such as the level of academic learning or the subject for which the essay is being written. Thus the student has to be knowledgeable on the topic and subject before writing an essay as it will be easier to gather information.

After the topic for the essay is identified, as well as, its relevance to the essay, the student has to come up with a plan which will outline the basic procedures involved when writing an essay. The plan or outline for writing an essay is unique depending on various factors such as the writing style dictated by the instructor or the subject for which the writing of the essay is being conducted. Consequently, there is a a specific criterion or plan that is common when writing an essay such that the first section composed of  an introduction or abstract is carried out before commencing on writing an essay. The introduction is followed by a discussion or body of the text which contains all the main points which fulfill the role of writing an essay. From the outline the student writing an essay often illustrates the points which will be discussed in the essay in a systematic way. Therefore, the point with more explanation is given priority over the others which are written in a sequential manner.

When writing an essay, the paragraphs of the discussion section should portray some sort of linkage between preceding paragraphs such that a form of interconnection is obtained from one point to the other. This links are referred to as transitions and they play a crucial role in writing an essay as they bring about a certain flow of events which is chronological thus making the essay one long story.

The discussion is followed by a conclusion which summarizes all the points which were discussed when writing an essay. This summary is important as it provides the position of the student, as well as, their opinion regarding the topic which was analyzed in the essay. The conclusion is preceded by the reference page which consist details of sources of information which was used in writing an essay. This page is mandatory in academic writing as it provides insights of the nature of information used in writing an essay, as well as, their sources.

Pay For Writing Essay/Essay writing/Writing an essay

Students are supposed to write essays at the end of their coursework. The  students  do  not  have  the  ability  to  write  quality  essay. The  students  find  it  hard  to  write  their  essays as they  do  not  have  enough  time  to  write  essays. Also, students do have attention when writing essay. Essay  writing  is a  difficulty  process  and  requires  the  students  to  have  attention. Most  students  do  not  submit  their  work  on  time  and  this  affects  their  performance. Pay  for  writing  essay  is  the  best  option   for  students who  do not  have  enough  time  to  write  essays.

Pay  for  writing essay services provides  help to students  on  how  to  write  essays. Pay  for  writing essay  services  allows  students  to write  their  essay  on  time. For  example,  pay  for  writing essay  Services  enables  students  to  get  their  work  within 12  hours. Students  do  not  pay  for  essay  writing in  firms  that  offer  poor  services. Students   ask  for  help  from  pay  for writing  essay  services   after  analyzing the time the  orders  are  being  delivered. Most  companies  offering  pay  for  writing  essay  services do not  have  the capability  to  provide  the  essays  on  time. This  is affects  students  negatively  as  they  do  not  perform  well  in their  examinations. A  company  offering  pay  for  essay  writing  services  should   be able  to  deliver  the  work  early.

Also, the  firm   providing  pay  for   writing  essay  services  should  have  enough  writers  to  write  essays. The  writers  should  have  various  skills  so as  to enable  them to  write  quality  essays. The writers should be able to offer quality service. Most  firms  offering  pay  for  writing  essay  services  do not  have  the  right  writers. The writers in the company are not qualified. The writers do not have university degrees. A  custom  writing  company  offering  pay  for  writing  essay  services  should have  writers  with  various  degrees. This  will  allow  the  company  offering  pay  for  writing  essay services  to  serve  students  taking  different  courses. For  example, the  company  should be able  to  offer  pay for  writing essay services  in  different  fields like  engineering,  laws  and  medicine. Also, the  companies  should be  able  to  offer  pay for  writing essay services  in  history, business  and  other  fields.

In  addition, the  company  should   provide  pay  for  writing  essay  services  to  students  in  different  geographical  regions. The   advances  in  technology  have  made  it  easy  for  companies  providing  pay  for  writing  essay  services  to  serve   a  wide  range  of  students. The  companies  offering  pay  for  writing  essay  services  provide  support  to students  locally and  internationally. This has enabled the companies offering pay for writing essay services to expand their markets. The expansion of the markets is associated with technological advances. The  technology  has  allowed  companies  offering  pay  for writing  essay  services  to  provide  good  support  to  students. For  example, companies  that  offer  pay for  writing  essay  provide  writing  services  day  and  night. This  has  helped  the  companies  serve  different  customers  and  offer  quality  services.

Also, the  companies  provide  pay for writing essay  services  have  employed  a  qualified  team  of  writers  to  help  students  from different  parts  of  the  world. The  companies  provide  pay  for   writing  essay  services  and  support  to the  students. The students can ask for revision. The company provides revision services for free. This  is  to  ensure  the  company  providing  pay  for writing  essay  services  satisfies  the  clients.

Essay Writing Online/Help with essay writing online/Original essay writing online

Essay writing online services are provided by professional academic writers, who are competent in different areas, as well as, thoroughly trained to develop different categories of essay writing online papers. These may be high school, bachelors, masters or doctoral level thesis statements. Essay writing online services are often carried out via email or phone calls such that the student requesting for the services has to place an online order whereby instructions regarding the essay and the personal contact details of the client are given. These are essential to make sure that the essay writing online exercise is successful as in case of any problem the student can be contacted by the agency hence a 100% guarantee for the execution of the instructions is attained.

The instructions that are necessary to carry out successful essay writing online tasks include the delivery date during which the essay should have been compiled and sent to the client. Deadlines in essay writing online services are significant as they provide a working time span for the writer who will be able to develop a priority list in line with the most urgent towards the less urgent essay paper. Similarly, the deadline is necessary especially for the student who will present ample time for the essay writing online writer to finish the paper in time then allow more time for the student to go through the finished paper to point out the errors which may need the writer’s attention. Some essay writing online companies often carry out subsequent modifications free of charge to their client’s documents until the desired essay is obtained. This way a student is assured of obtaining a paper that meets their specifications and in the process good grades are given by the instructor courtesy of the essay writing online company.

The other benefit derived from essay writing online services is provision of free formatting and editing services for the clients who place requests for essay orders from the company. These editing and formatting services are aimed at increasing the quality of the paper by improving the flow of concepts, as well as, enhancing the sentence structure. Papers which have numerous errors tend to be regarded lowly as the original concepts in the information is often distorted by irregularities caused by the errors hence they should be eliminated from the essay.

 Similarly, essay writing online services provide plagiarism free essay papers which are very much original and fed with reliable information. Certain essay writing misdeeds such as copying other people’s work are disastrous as they lower the quality of the work due to the level of plagiarism. This is the same case for using external sources of information for the essay writing online paper then failing to include the author’s details in the paper hence refusing to acknowledge the source. Plagiarism is a serious offense in the essay writing online circles hence students should be wary of the degree of originality that is quoted by most companies. At some essay writing online agencies a free bibliography list is included at the end of the text hence the reader or instructor can trace the source of the information any time they want to seek clarification.

The essay writing online company should also ensure that student privacy is maintained highly by the writers such that the personal details that can be used to trace the student should not be revealed to anyone. This way the privacy of the client is maintained.

Creative Writing Essay/ English Creative Writing Essay/Writing a essay

When it comes to writing essays, many students do not have what it takes to complete only the best essays. This is due to the lack of the required skill to complete essays or the lack of time to give the essay the necessary attention it deserves. That is where our creative writing essay comes in. Over the last two decades, we have been voted the best creative writing essay service in the creative writing essay industry in a series of research initiatives taken all over the world. All our creative writing essay clients have over time come back to us for more given the quality of essays we complete for them. In fact, most of our creative writing essay clients come from referrals as well as repeat clients.

When it comes to finding a good creative writing essay company, many creative writing essay writing students report difficulties. This is because over time many online sites have come up claiming top offer only the best creative writing essay services. However, many students end up getting poorly done essays from this companies that are full of spelling as well as grammatical errors. It is also important to note here that this creative writing essay services that litter the internet today do not employ the best skill in order to complete the best essays. Instead, they engage the services of writers who do not meet the necessary academic threshold to write essays. The result of all this is unoriginal work full of mistakes and which does not in any way address the specific needs of clients. Our company is different.

There are many reasons why you should order an essay from our creative writing essay service. We highlight some of these reasons herein. To begin with, we only hire creative writing essay writers who have demonstrated proficiency as well experience in the essay writing industry. All our creative writing essay writers are experts in their own respect in a wide area of disciplines and as a matter of fact, our hiring criteria is informed by those twin tenets of superior education coupled with unrivaled as well as un-paralleled experience in the essay writing field. You can hence be certain that once you order an essay from our creative writing essay service, it will be done by a creative writing essay expert who is most qualified to complete it hence giving you superior grades and placing you head and shoulders above the rest in your class. To reinforce our team of writers is another equally gifted team of editors whose job description includes checking your ordered essay to ensure that not only does it meet your specific standards but it also exceeds them.

Secondly, we continue to be the cheapest creative writing essay company in the world offering only the best creative writing essay services at a relevant pricing specifically formulated to suit all our clients. Our pricing strategy is simple and it is unrivalled in the creative writing essay marker. We will charge you according top your set deadline for submission and difficulty level of your paper. Lastly, to ensure that all our creative writing essay are absolutely satisfied with what we accomplish for them, we encourage them to seek as many revisions as possible on their completed creative writing essay papers at no additional cost.

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