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Online writing services have gained a great deal of popularity producing original essays for a wide base of clientele consisting of researchers and students within higher institutions of learning. These online writers also offer other types of academic literary works including term papers, book reviews, literature reviews and research papers-just to mention but a few. Originality in the writing of an essay is essential because it is a piece of academic literary work used in the assessment of the academic progress of students. Thus, all the clients that procure services from these online writing companies need to have a piece of an original essay, because this is an essential consideration when it comes to the grading of the essays.

An original essay gets awarded for the originality of the ideas therein, however; essays submitted with ideas copied from other literary works may get penalized for the lack of originality. In order for an essay to be termed as an original essay the ideas in the original essay have to be exclusive to the author of that particular essay. If there is any material directly quoted within the essay without any appreciation through referencing, then that renders that literary work unoriginal, and as such that work cannot be termed an original essay. Direct quotations may be accepted within an original essay, however; the quotations should not be so extensive. These direct quotations within essays have to be placed within quotation marks and indented in the case of some writing styles in order to portray the fact that they are borrowed.

Additionally, the quoted literary work and author have to be appreciated though in-text citation and bibliography referencing. In some instances the writer of an original essay may need to write about an idea borrowed from another literary piece of work not authored by the writer. In order to maintain originality in such instances the writer should paraphrase the idea and make in-text citation as well as bibliography referencing in order to show that the idea is not his/hers but rather a borrowed idea expressed in his/her own words. Through this mode of writing the author is able to produce an original essay without directly lifting other people’s work in to his own work. Direct quotations without proper formatting and use of other author’s ideas without appreciation amounts to plagiarism and any essay with this kind of writing mistakes cannot be termed as original essay.

In order to buy an original essay it advisable for students and researchers seeking an original essay to seek essay writing services from essay writing service providers that uphold originality by offering original essays for sale. Original essays offered by our service provider are plagiarism free, and any literary piece that we offer can thus be termed as an original essay. Offering an original essay to our client ensures that s/he is able to have his work awarded the best grade possible due to originality of ideas presented within the original essay.

Our writers do extensive research in order to produce an original essay for any order made by our clients. Originality is one of the factors that are highly esteemed and upheld by our company, and this keeps our clients satisfied because they are sure to get an original essay whenever they place an order.

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