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Non-plagiarized essays are original essays which entail incorporation of the writers on words such that they either in the internet or on other printed publications. However, it is impossible to compile an entire college essay from sources other than the writers memory such that realization of non-plagiarized essay thus there are is need to seek for ways of maintaining originality to elucidate non-plagiarized essay. In this case, a student has to include foreign texts into the non-plagiarized essay that is been compiled but then certain modifications have to be made on that particular information to make it as original as possible.

The modifications involve rephrasing the various words and phrases which are borrowed from the foreign source thus interchanging them with synonyms while retaining the original concept of the sentence in the non-plagiarized essay. Rephrasing and paraphrasing texts makes them fit into the non-plagiarized essay enhances the flow of information such that originality of the topics is maintained. Paraphrasing includes use of words which bring out the hidden meaning that could have been concealed in the original text as it is put in a more elaborate way in the non-plagiarized essay.

However, rephrasing and paraphrasing is not enough to call an essay non-plagiarized as the student has to include various measures aimed at accrediting the source from where the information is obtained. Such measures include use of proper in-text citations in the body of the non-plagiarized essay on every concept that is borrowed from outside sources other than the student’s memory. Consequently, after using proper citations for the quotes in the non-plagiarized essay the student has to include a separate page containing the number of works which were cited in the non-plagiarized essay. This works cited page contains detailed explanations of the authors, publications and date of publishing. Such information is used to trace the source, as well as, giving credit to the source as the author will be honored to have their work being used in the production of non-plagiarized essay.

The penalty associated with plagiarized essays is being punished by the law, in addition to, being denied grades by instructors who are not impressed by marking plagiarized essays as it incorporates copying and pasting another individual’s work. Consequently, lack of recognition of the source of information in non-plagiarized essay can be equated to stealing and using another person’s work without their permission hence it is a criminal offense to carry out such ventures.

A non-plagiarized essay eludes plenty of quality and confidence in the student who presents it for grading. Similarly, the validity of data that is incorporated into the non-plagiarized essay contributes much to its quality as non-plagiarized essay involves a lot of synthesizing of the content which is being included into non-plagiarized essay. This synthesis is made possible by the student reading widely in the external source before picking out the most relevant to the topic on which the non-plagiarized essay is based. This leads to plenty of sifting and analysis on the validity of information that is included in the non-plagiarized essay such that irrelevant content which is included into the non-plagiarized essay.

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