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Narrative papers are usually written in a descriptive manner where the student develops a topic which is bound to give an explanatory scene which can be defined or written in a descriptive manner. Descriptive words are used widely in the essay such that the narrative papers depict plenty of words which are specific to the topic or object being described. Hence the student/writer has to seek for a scenario which can be described vividly in a way through which the reader will obtain a clear view of the main idea in the narrative paper through visualization. Descriptive words are quite definitive in a narrative paper thus they provide definitive features of the topic in the narrative paper.

The narrative papers can be written in first or third person depending on the question which was posed before commencing the task of writing the narrative papers. Some narrative papers which require the student to describe a personal character or to give a first hand narration of an event or scenario in the life of the writer hence the need to use the first person. Narrative papers in third person are often from an observer’s eyes or perspective such that the writer does not have to include his/her presence or reference to him/herself in the narrative papers. This is a common trend for reflection narrative papers which require the narration of a simulation or experience of the student during a session in the course of study which can only be explained in third person. Consequently, the writer may be referring to a third person yet the description or events in the narrative papers are part of their life hence another person is given the responsibility of explaining the scenes in the narrative papers.

Narrative papers are always written in a chronological order such that different events or aspects do follow each other in a systematic way. An example of a narrative essay is one describing the sequence of events at an interview or the process which is undertaken by certain manufacturing industries to yield specified products. In such a scenario it would be too realistic to start from the very first stage of the process until the very last phase in a sequential manner. This chronological manner which is illustrated in a flowing method should be written in the past tense whereby the narrative papers are written as a report of events which have already occurred. However, there is another category of narrative papers which is written in future tense especially where the student is asked to describe an event which is bound to occur in future.

Narrative papers are often written in an original status as the details surrounding personal experiences are usually not recorded in any journal article or book hence narrative papers are meant to be plagiarism-free. For narrative papers which require description of commercial procedures or process like in the factories, the source of information is indicated as a quote or citation in the body of the narrative papers while the same detailed source is indicated in the bibliography page. This makes the narrative papers more original such that the reader or instructor can trace the source of foreign information which is used to compile the narrative papers hence improving the quality, as well as, reducing penalties associated with plagiarism.

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