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There are numerous online writing companies that offer online writing services such as the writing of academic and non-academic papers as well as proofreading and editing of already written academic literary pieces. These online writing companies create power point presentations, model papers, perform statistical analysis assignments and all other academic and non-academic research and writing related to academic research projects.

Online writing businesses have become popularized, by the great demand that they possess due to the rise in the level of activities within higher institutions of learning; with the initiation of crash programs in learning students are ever busy and may have no time to spare for the writing of their academic literary work. As a result, they opt to outsource for writing services. The whole writing industry has been very helpful to most students by providing affordable writing services, however; as more writing companies come up it becomes rather difficult to ascertain which company is a legitimate writing company from a multitude of online writing companies with each one claiming to be a legitimate writing company. This leaves most clients wishing to place an order at cross-roads, undecided about which company is indeed a legitimate writing company.

Any online writing company may claim to be a legitimate writing company, and as such it may be almost impossible to determine which one among these companies is indeed a legitimate writing company. Despite the difficulty, there are a few factors that can help any person in determining whether a writing company is indeed a legitimate writing company. Alternatively, there are ways that one can use to prevent himself from falling for the coercion of a company that is not a legitimate writing company.

It is prudent for a client wishing to place an order to do a little fact finding in order to determine whether the company s/he is about to choose is indeed a legitimate writing company. The best methodology to use in establishing whether a writing company is indeed and legitimate writing company is through making inquiries among peers and friends that may have procured services from a legitimate writing company. Inquiry may help a client to get a list of already tested companies from which s/he can select one legitimate writing company to place orders. This is usually the best way of obtaining the best legitimate writing company that can offer the client quality for their money through the delivery of quality work in a timely manner.

In determining the legitimacy of any company claiming to be a legitimate writing company a client should first observe the operations of the company that claims to be a legitimate writing company. A company with multiple websites presenting similar services is a sign to indicate that the company may not be a legitimate writing company. The use of multiple sites in offering the same service is indeed a sign of some lack of transparency in its operations, and as such a company of this nature cannot be a legitimate writing company.

A legitimate writing company should also have a wealth of knowledge based on professional writers with a great diversity of background knowledge in various fields of profession so as to offer quality writing services to all. Any company that uses writers who are not professionally qualified in the writing of papers in fields that they are not professionally proficient is indeed not legitimate writing company. This is because these writers will produce sub-standards pieces of literary work that are not characteristic of a legitimate writing company.

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