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Lab report writing is an exercise that follows any experimental or practical work that is carried out in a laboratory. Lab report writing presents factual findings about experiments conducted in the laboratory as such it is a literary piece of work used to communicate experimental results obtained from a practical or experiment. Lab report writing is a basic requirement in any experimental work. Unrecorded experiments have no significance for any researcher or scientist because they provide no records for future reference. Lab report writing is also used as a tool of assessment in the evaluation of students’ ability do lab reporting on any experiment or practical conducted.

Lab report writing should be done in a specific format that is basic to all reporting of laboratory works. Lab report writing may be a little cumbersome to researchers who may not find enough time to dedicate to their experimentation as well as the actual lab report writing exercise. At times researchers and students may be not be well versed with the writing styles recommended for lab report writing. In such instances the procurement of online writing services in lab report writing becomes an essential element that can relieve the researchers and students from the exercise of lab report writing.

A lab report has the following main parts-the title page, introduction/purpose, materials, methods, data, results, discussion and analysis as well as the conclusion. In lab report writing the author of the report should include the following on the title page-the title of the experiment, the name of participants, the instructor and the date the experiment was performed as well as the submission date. The title on the title page should be brief, and it should describe the experiment performed as well as the aim or purpose of conducting the experiment.

In report writing, the introduction should explain the purpose and objectives of the experiments conducted. The hypothesis of the experiment should also be stated within the introduction part of the report during report writing. The introductory part may also contain a brief summary of how the experimental activity was carried out as well as the back ground information related to the experiment. The third section in lab report writing is the part that lists all the materials and tools used within the experiment. This section is followed by the methodology used in conducting the experiment. This section states the method used as well as the suitability of the method. The fifth part to be written in lab report writing is the data section this section lists all the numerical data obtained from the experimental procedure. This may be presented in various formats that may be recommended by the instructor for the sake of lab report writing. These are just facts observed and recorded without any analysis. The sixth section of lab report writing is the results section this section presents a theoretical explanation of the obtained data and it tells the meaning and significance of the data obtained.

At times this section is combined with the discussion or analysis section that contains in-depth analysis usually consisting of mathematical analysis and calculations that are used to determine the significance of the data obtained. This section of lab report writing proves or disapproves the hypothesis stated in the introductory section by use of the data obtained through analysis. The next section of lab report writing is the conclusion. This section of lab report writing concludes the whole experiment in a few sentences by explaining the significance of the results and why the results are as they were observed and analyzed. The lab report writing is concluded with figures and graphs as well as references that may have been used in lab report writing.

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