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An informative speech is used to pass information or tell people about something one is interested in. It is essential for an informative speech writer to choose a reliable topic and know what he or she is going to write about. There are several steps that should be followed when writing informative speech papers and some of these steps will be shown in this paper. The first step is for the informative speech writer to choose or pick a topic. It is essential for one to choose a topic that he or she knows a lot about in order to obtain enough information for writing an informative speech. Moreover, knowledge of the topic enables an informative speech writer to undertake the least amount of research.

Informative speeches are not based on a writer’s opinion but aim at informing people or readers a given concept. The second step in informative speech writing is for a writer to narrow his or her topic which enables the writer to cover the topic in the time allocated. This is followed by development of the informative speech thesis which may be defined as either a statement informing the reader what the informative speech in about or a sentence describing the informative speech’s narrow topic. The informative speech audience should also be considered and a writer should assume the audience does not have any idea about the informative speech topic. Outlining of the informative speech is also necessary. An outline consists of a list of information that a writer thinks should be included in the informative speech paper.

It is essential to list information following a logical order. Next is to write the informative speech’s introduction which should grab the attention of the audience from the beginning. An introduction is followed by an informative speech’s thesis statement and a road map for a long informative speech. The body of the speech follows and this is obtained by expanding key points in the informative speech’s outline. The final step in informative speech writing is writing the conclusion which briefly summarizes the key points of the informative speech. The conclusion may refer to the informative speech’s introduction in one way or another. Time is the other factor that is vital in informative speech writing. A writer should cut unnecessary material if the informative speech is too long. It is essential for an informative speech to have the required length to thoroughly cover the material.

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