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An informal essay is a type of essay that is not only written for pleasure but may also be informative. Informal essays are used as a tool for measuring the students’ ability to write informally and present their opinions or stand. Informal essays are more like formal essays but different from formal essay in that they are presented in a less rigid and informal style.

It is essential for a writer’s personality to be preserved when writing an informal essay. The informal essay reader should easily figure out the vision and philosophy of an informal essay writer. Adequate time should be spent in designing of an informal essays’ main story and writer should not present the essays as informal stories form the start to the conclusion.

Informal essays are more like stories reflecting a sequence of events occurring from the beginning to the end. Hence, writers should give special emphasis to the occurrence of given events and the dates of occurrence. By focusing on the events, a writer should try to remember some of the memorable events that he or she has encountered. The first thing that a writer should do prior to writing an informal essay is to come up with the essay topic. The next step is for the writer to think of the amount of information to present in the informal essay and when the information is to be presented.

There are several techniques employed when writing informal essays and some of these techniques are as following. The first technique is compression whereby a writer stresses on the most crucial key points or events when writing the informal essay. Irrelevant points may not be included in the informal essay. The other informal essay writing technique is known as time inversion whereby the events which occurred later are presented before the events that occurred at an earlier date.

Writers should however be cautious when using time inversion technique to avoid weakening the informal essay structure. The key to writing quality informal essays is having a comprehensive, clear and organized essay plan. It is noteworthy that a writer should remember to make an informal essay s captivating and intriguing as possible.

One of the ways that a writer can employ is the use of suspense. Creating suspense in an informal essay paper is an extremely difficult task that most students fail to accomplish. Creation of suspense in an informal essay grabs readers’ attention and gives them the urge to continue reading. A key guide to creating suspense in an informal essay is creating uncertainty. Creation of uncertainty involves creation of a thrilling mood or atmosphere of an unknown or unpredictable aspect.

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