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Freelancing is a common practice in the field of writing especially in journalism and academic writing where services such as freelance writing, editing, proofreading, copy editing, copy writing and indexing are offered. Freelancing involves self employment, and as such there is no commitment to any single employer. Freelance writing is the most popular freelanced services among all online freelanced services. The freelance writing industry involves a multitude of writers all over the world involved offering services in writing of academic literary work at a fee. These services are mainly offered online, by freelance writers that are affiliated to various online sites. These online sites have numerous freelance writers selected from writers that have been proved to have professional writing skills.

Freelance writing offers employment to writers whilst offering the students a means by which to reduce their workload so as to spare more time for other important activities such as studying and performing their research and practical exercises. Freelance writing services offer assistance in the writing of various academic literary pieces such as term papers, essays, research papers, book reviews, literature reviews and abstract-just to mention but a few.

Freelance writing has grown in popularity due to the increasingly busy and dynamic study environments that have developed within institutions of higher learning. A large number of students have no time to set a side for the writing of their academic works such as term papers and assessment essays. Others may also have no expertise in the writing of academic works, because they may not be well versed with the various academic writing styles used within academic circles. As a result, they opt to outsource freelance writing services. Companies and individuals offering freelance writing services take orders from such clients and write literary pieces based on the instruction offered to them by the clients. Freelance writing does not only involve writing, but it also entails conducting extensive researches on topics upon which the writing is to be based. Therefore, any company offering freelance writing should have writers with knowledge in various academic fields so as to be able to write work that is well researched.

Freelance writing for academic purposes should produce original work that is free from plagiarism. Inclusion of unoriginal text should be done in a systematic way according to the dictates of the writing style that is recommended for that particular piece of work. Any unoriginal work that is not referenced, paraphrased or put in quotation marks renders the work plagiarized. Plagiarism is an offense that is punishable in academic circles. Plagiarism may cause a student to get a low score and grade in evaluation. Therefore, freelance writing has to uphold the principle of maintaining originality. Freelance writing service providers also maintain high levels of confidentiality so as to prevent cases of plagiarism that may arise if someone else accesses a client’s work. Other people could easily use the client’s work as their own. The upholding of confidentiality in freelance writing also protects the integrity of the clients that place orders. Freelance writing services should also be timely.

Timeliness in freelance writing allows clients to get their work done in time so that they can review it before submission. Freelance writing should also be affordable and flexible depending on the amount of work handled-for example freelance writing services involving editing and proofreading activities should be charged at a different and lower rate than the actual writing services. Revisions of work not done to standard are also offered by all companies and individuals engaging in freelance writing.

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