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Descriptive essays are artistic essays, personal or creative essays. They often convey the writer’s mood and images that appear in a writer’s mind. A descriptive essay is a structured essay since it involves transfer of emotions from the writer to the essay reader using words. A successful descriptive essay writer is able to grab a reader’s attention and retain his attention till the end of the descriptive essay. The structure of a descriptive essay is more like the structure of other types of essays such as narrative and informative essays. There must be an introduction that introduces the paper and sets the right pace for the rest of the descriptive essay.

A writer can make the descriptive essay more real by using words that relate to sound, taste, smell and visual skills. The nature of a descriptive essay is either subjective or objective. There are rules and steps that have to be followed when writing a descriptive essay and some of these steps will be discussed below. The first rule is for a writer to understand the concept prior to descriptive essay writing. After understanding the concept, a writer should do an in-depth research on the descriptive essay topic in order to gather relevant information. This is followed by outlining the descriptive essay paper while noting down the key points. The next step is writing of the actual descriptive essay with the help of the outline. Re-writing of the descriptive essay is also vital in order to correct any grammar and language mistakes.

Proofreading and editing of a descriptive is the other key step that a writer should not forget since it ensures the descriptive essays are quality. Descriptive essays use more of metaphors and imagery compared to scientific information. Descriptive essays are neither factual nor mathematical but they are based on the writer’s opinions. A writer can describe or write about anything that comes to his or her mind. The key to writing a good descriptive essay is having a strong use of vocabulary. It is also essential for a writer to have passion in writing and the ability to use a proper context of words. Descriptive essay writing needs to be intriguing and exciting so that it can capture the essay reader’s attention. Students are encouraged to continually practice in order to perfect the act of descriptive essay writing.

There are so many companies that provide example descriptive essays that guide or help students to practice writing their own descriptive essays. The use of example essays helps students to enhance or develop their own descriptive powers or abilities. There are so many custom writing companies online that provide customized descriptive essays for money.

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