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Case study writing is an academic writing that can be encountered by students from any field of study. When a student engages in case study writing they have the intention of coming up with a thorough analysis of a situation of a specific case. Students engaging in cases study writing write their case study papers with reference to the course they are undertaking. For instance a student of political science may write a case study about the political situation is a specific country. A business student may write a case study that focuses on the management of a particular organization and institution. The interesting fact about case study writing is to ensure that you take a large problem and narrow it down into a single unit problem. The case study writing task involves intensive research, the use of the relevant theories and concepts as well as the detailed illumination of the problem in the eye of a single unit.

Case study writing is done in several steps. The first is the determination of the content of the case study. Students can begin determining the problem to be focused on the case study writing by analyzing various problematic areas as discussed in class. Focus can also be on the events in the society whether economic or political then narrowing the situation to one scenario. Once the identification process is complete, the next step in case study writing is to source for content. The only way that a student can be familiar with the content of a problem is by reading through books, articles and journals so as to ensure that they have properly grasped the concept revolving around the problem chosen. At this point it is essential to take notes as they can be used as pointers during the final case study writing process.

With the concepts and the essential content relating to the selected problem at hand, the next step in case study writing is the selection of a site. Site selection refers to the determination of the appropriate location or organization that will be the focus of the problem chosen. Determining the site will enable the case study writing students to conduct research interviews and research that relate to the problem that is the focus of the case study. Individuals involved in the interviews will have affirmed the existence of the problem and will the means of acquiring a lasting solution.

The next stage will be analyzing the information gathered and relating it to the problem selected after which the actual case study writing process begins. The case study writing process occurs in several stages. The first level is the introductory section which involves a brief review of the problem that will be the focus of the entire paper. The second segment is the background into the case which entails details on the case study, the participants and the organization or institution in focus

After writing the background the following paragraphs should revolve around analyzing the problem in relation to the case, the proposed and tried solutions and how successful they have so far been. The final segment in case study writing is the conclusion paragraph where the writer summarizes the content of the entire case study writing task. |the case study writer does not have to necessary solve the problem but may leave the decision to the redder who goes through the case study.

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