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Chicago writing style papers are written in a certain manner which is unique hence it makes the academic work in the paper easy to access, as well as, making it appear professional. Chicago writing style papers are called so due to the elements which make up the entire paper hence differentiating it from other academic paper writing styles.

Chicago writing style papers should have a title page which includes the student’s personal details such as the name, course, instructor and the institution where the program is being undertaken. Consequently, the title page as the front page which allows the instructor and reader to have a first impression on the nature of work inside should also contain the title of the paper. This allows the student to create an impressive glimpse on the level of professionalism that is incorporated into the Chicago writing style paper.

The other significant concept is the page numbers which are often placed on the top right corner of the pages. This pagination starts from the second page after the title page where the digits are added. Failure to add page numbers results into a flawed Chicago writing style paper as it would be equally difficult to distinguish between the various sections of the Chicago writing style papers. The page numbers are continuous in that from the second page to the very last page which contains details of the paper are also part of the Arabic numerals of the Chicago writing style papers.

Chicago writing style papers are often single spaced throughout the entire paper for specific sections such as the end notes, footnotes and references. Consequently, the body text of the paper should be double spaced such that all sentences in Chicago writing style papers have double spaces in between. The other text effects is use of block and single spacing for quotes which occur in the Chicago writing style paper so as to distinguish it from other parts of the paper. Each side of the paper on the margins should be one inch hence creating considerable space for footnotes and other text effects which may be included in Chicago writing style paper.

The Chicago writing style papers include citations which entail use of footnotes, end notes and a bibliography or works cited page at the end of the text. Footnotes contain information about the references used to compile the text in the Chicago writing style paper while end notes contain the same information at the end of the text. To conclude all the resources, a bibliography is included at the end of the entire paper which is a more detailed source of the references cited in the body of the text. This list is important as it acknowledges the source of information thus chances of being penalized for plagiarism are considerably reduced.

Quality Chicago writing style papers require that the student takes sufficient time to proofread the paper hence ensuring that all the formalities of Chicago writing style paper have been followed to the later. This includes eliminating all the errors which may be in the paper and in the process enhance the overall quality of the Chicago writing style paper.

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