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It is essential for students to practice persuasive case study writing so that they can excel academically. There are tips to persuasive case study writing and these tips can be obtained from various books in the library. A well-written case study needs to build suspense and contain a satisfying concluding paragraph. Moreover, case study writing should aim at solving a given problem for instance a business problem such as saving money or making money. There are some business writing papers whose objective is to show a writer’s organizational capabilities. Moreover, there are some whose role is to attract customers or propel the reader to buy the service or product portrayed in case study writing. Case study writing should make use of good content that grabs a reader’s attention and gives more urge to continue reading. Consistency is the other vital factor that a writer should keep in mind in case study writing.

A writer should stick to one writing style or formatting style during case study writing for instance he or she should choose to use MLA, APA, Chicago, Harvard or Turabian writing style throughout the case study writing. Consistent case study writing is comprehensible and also easily written. The case study page layout should also be consistent. It is necessary to stick to word count during case study writing. This means that a writer has to write a case study with the required number of words so that he or she can not be penalized for exceeding or writing case studies with below the required word count. Students can gain a lot from case study writing and some of the benefits are as following.  First of all case study writing help students improve there writing and organizational skills. Moreover, they enable students to have the ability to look at problems at different angles and analyze them. Moreover, case study writing helps students to put what they have learned in class into practice through analysis of cases.

The other role of case study is to give students an opportunity for class presentations and passing ideas among themselves. This helps them to gain experience from other students handling different case study writing assignments. The other skill that students learn through case study writing is conveying ideas to other people effectively. They learn how to convey ideas to others when presenting their case study writing assignments in class. Students get to learn how to work as a team when they discuss and analyze different case studies in groups.

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