A Guide to Writing Political Science Papers/Political science papers


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Students pursuing political science write different kinds of political science papers. The students write essays, research papers and term papers. Students taking political science courses find it hard to write political science papers as they do not know how to write political science papers.  The students are not conversant with the steps to follow when writing their papers. This has hindered the students from writing quality papers.  Students are supposed to follow the following steps when writing political science papers regardless of the type of political science papers they are writing. First, students should select the topic for their political science papers. The topic students select determines the kind of political science papers they write.  Students should select topics that are not too wide or narrow.  Topics that are broad hinder students from writing their papers well. This is because students are not able to include all the content in their papers. 

Students find it hard to select materials that are relevant to their topic as all the content seems relevant to the topic.  This forces them to incorporate all the content in their political science papers. On the other hand, students who select narrow topics find it difficulty to write their political science papers. The students do not have enough material to support their topic.  Narrow topics have limited content and limit the students when writing their papers. So, the topic should be selected keenly. In addition, the topic of the political science papers should not be too common as this might affect the originality of the papers.  Instructors require students to select unique topics when writing their political science papers.   Students who select topics that have been overdone find it hard to present their own arguments and get poor grades. The topic of the political science papers can be a controversial issue like death penalty and political topics like democracy.

 After selecting the topic, students should prepare a rough draft. The draft should be inline with the topic selected. Students should discuss different sections of the paper when writing the draft. The draft is a reflection of the final work so it should be precise and detailed. The next step is writing the different sections of political science papers. Students should begin by writing the introduction.  The introduction gives a detailed overview of the topic selected. Students should include enough information to make it easy for the reader to understand. They should also include the thesis statement. The thesis statement should be well developed so as to attract the reader. The thesis statement guides the student when writing the paper.  They should also state the objective of the political science papers.

 The next section is the body. The body of the papers is made up of different sections or subtopics.  Students should give a detailed explanation of each topic and also provide examples to justify their arguments. They should also include references and in text citations to support their content. The body of the political science papers should be well organized. The last part is the conclusion.  Students should summarize the content of the political papers.  They should restate the thesis statement and then give a brief summary of main points in the paper. They should also give recommendations and solutions where necessary.

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